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Most of the houses that we survey were built in the late 19th century or early 20th century and are constructed with solid walls and therefore it is not possible to install any cavity wall insulation. Previously it was very difficult to save heat loss through walls and with energy prices rising by approximately 15% a year, the amount we pay for gas and electricity is a big concern for most homeowners.
Anecdotal evidence indicates that a lot of our customers now turn down heating to save money and keep themselves warmer. So if we can keep ourselves warm by putting on a extra layer of clothing we can also keep our houses warmer by adding a extra layer of insulating render either internally or externally and UK Damp & Decay Control are now offering a practical solution to heat loss through walls with an award winning thermal insulating plaster which as well as reducing heat loss also prevents damp and condensation on internal walls.
UK Damp & Decay Control Insulating Plaster has unique insulating properties, which reduces the amount of heat lost through walls. It is one of the most effective ways to insulate your home/building today and is suitable for both interior and exterior use.
UK Damp & Decay Control Insulating Plaster will help save a considerable amount of money on those ever increasing energy bills by preventing that costly heat escaping from your home or building. UK Damp & Decay Control Insulating Plaster is up to 70% more energy-efficient than any ordinary plaster or render and reduces carbon emissions making it one of the most environmentally building products in use today.
UK Damp & Decay Control Insulating Plaster is manufactured by Walltransform and has British Board of Agrément Certificate Quality Assurance for both damp-proofing and thermal insulation. If you are having damp-proofing work done on your house then instead of replacing plaster with normal sand/cement renders you should consider using Walltransform insulating/damp-proofing plaster which has many benefits over normal renders.
UK Damp & Decay Control Insulating Plaster improves the thermal performance of a solid wall by adding a layer of insulation directly to the wall surface. The insulation is applied in the same way as an internal plaster or an external render .The plaster is usually can be applied as an internal base plaster and coated with an internal multifinish plaster skim to provide a smooth internal plaster surface for painting. It can also be applied as a weather-resistant external render when special coatings are painted onto the plastered surface. The low product density (83% less than ordinary plaster) leads to greatly reduced application times and increased structural building strength. For workability it is similar to applying any lightweight plaster such as Carlite Bonding.
Solid walled properties are notoriously difficult to treat when it comes to improving thermal performance. UK Damp & Decay Control Insulating Plaster provides a simple solution which can be applied by any competent plasterer. The insulation will improve the u-value of a solid wall from 2.1W/m²K to 1.0W/m²K with an application of 40mm thickness. The plaster is lightweight and the required thickness can be achieved in one or two coats. Thinner applications will still provide significant energy savings for the home owner.
An alternative to this system is to fix a dimpled water-proof membrane (such as Newlath or Platon) to the wall and then fit an insulated plasterboard (Lafarge or Knauf) which can then be plastered in the normal way. This is a superior form of damp-proofing and insulation as it provides a totally dry, damp-free internal wall which can be decorated in a matter of days and treated rooms can be re-used very soon after our damp-proofing and insulating treatments. The insulation effect is also increased as the air-gap between the wall and the studded water-proof membrane further reduces heat loss and results in an even lower U-value than other insulating plaster products.
Externally we can fit insulated sheets to the wall which are then rendered with a 3 coat waterproof plaster which has a float finish ready for decorating. We also use the Newlath or Platon dimpled damp-proof membranes which are drilled and plugged to external walls and then plastered in the normal way with an acrylic render which can be painted when dry or we can add colour additive before the final coat. These systems are guaranteed for 20 years against any penetrating damp and the waterproof membrane/render system also gives extra insulation with the air gap and therefore reduces the U-value and heat loss even more, leading to lower energy bills and an ultimate payback in around 15 years.
Even though these systems are principally designed as insulation for solid walls they can also be used on cavity-wall built properties. The cavity in between two skins of brickwork provides a degree of insulation and also prevents dampness which may penetrate the outer skin of bricks from causing any dampness on internal walls. In new build properties only partial fill insulation is used which reduces U-values but there is still an air gap in the cavity which prevents dampness from bridging across the cavity to cause dampness internally.
Retro-fitting of full cavity wall insulation can prevent heat loss and reduce heating bills for a relatively modest cost but unfortunately they are often incorrectly fitted and this can lead to severe damp problems on internal walls and even cause dry rot when air bricks have been blocked. If you are considering installing cavity wall insulation then please be aware that it may not be suitable for your house and lead to problems with dampness, condensation, mould and fungal decay. The installation of our solid wall insulation systems may cost more initially but they are guaranteed to give you a drier, totally damp-free and warmer internal wall.
For free advice on solid wall insulation and to arrange a feasibility survey then please call us on 0800 0281903. Local Authority grants are sometimes available for insulation work and UK Damp & Decay Control are happy to liaise with Local Authorities in order to reduce heat loss from older, fuel poor housing stock throughout the country.