Guarantee Adoption

Have you had damp-proofing or timber treatment work carried out? Have you got a property preservation guarantee for the Home Report? If not, contact UK Damp & Decay Control and take advantage of our unique Guarantee Adoption Service whereby we will inspect the specialist works carried out by companies no longer trading and provide our 10 year Adopted Guarantee.
Householders who have had damp-proofing or timber treatments carried out in the past but where there is no guarantee because the issuing Company has ceased to trade can now get one through our Guarantee Adoption Scheme.

Provided the work has been completed satisfactorily and any recommendations that make are undertaken by us then we can issue a guarantee* for the treatments that have been carried out. (*Fee required, which depends on size of property and nature of risk).

All that is required is an inspection by one of our surveyors to ensure that there are no current defects and then we are able to issue a long term guarantee against the occurrence of rising damp, woodworm and wet or dry rot. This guarantee can be passed onto any prospective purchaser giving 'Peace of Mind' to house-sellers and purchasers alike and will usually avoid the need for any further damp-proofing and timber treatments and also satisfy Solicitors and Building Society surveyors with regard to any Home Report Questionaire.

Why use our Guarantee Adoption Service?

If you are selling a property when the new Home Report asks (Q13 & 14) if you have 'had Dry Rot' works carried out and you answer 'Yes' but don't have any guarantee because it's lost or the treatment company has ceased trading, the lack of a guarantee could be another obstacle in the way of selling your property to potential buyers or their advisors.

By using our Guarantee Adoption Service we can resolve this issue to this problem and offer a stress free solution which will help in today’s fragile property market.

This scheme ensures that when work has been done properly there is no need to repeat the work unnecessarily, with all the disruption and mess that occurs, just to provide a new guarantee.

For more information please phone 0800 028 1903 or email